• Oway Bio-Rich Water

Oway Bio-Rich Water


ENERGIZE + ENLIVEN.Oway Bio-Rich Water is versatile spray made with pure essential oil hydrolates that invigorate the mind, body and hair. It lightly hydrates and eliminates toxins, making it an ideal spray for hair cutting, setting makeup, or detoxifying any space. Available in 240ml and 950ml Backbar sizes. Organic, cruelty and gluten free, and vegan. WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OIL HYDROLATES?
On Oway's family farms in Italy, we hand pick and grow many biodynamic herbs. They are steam distilled without any chemicals to create ultra pure essential oils. The water left over from this process is called Hydrolates and it is full of the same active benefits. Instead of wasting this precious resource, we created Bio-Rich Water.